Fighting Cancer with Beautiful Hair

In the island of Penang, lives Ida Khoo. She was a career woman who worked very hard in her job to support her family.

Until one day, she got news that her uncle had passed away. It was due to cancer. Not long after that, her aunty also passed away and you guessed it right, it was also because of cancer.

Having felt the pain of losing her loved ones one after another, she was afraid to lose any more of them. Since they all share the same genetics, she knew she had to put in more effort to protect herself and her family.

She started looking through all her skin & hair products for harmful chemicals. She had to change most of them but one thing she found it hard to give up.

She needed it to cover her grey hair even though hair dyes contain cancerous chemicals. She looked everywhere to find natural alternatives. After trying many products and spending a lot of money, she was disappointed. None of them suit her needs but she was not ready to give up.

One day, all the search and asking around finally paid off when Ida’s ex-colleague from Singapore called. She told her about a solution from a herb company and Ida immediately booked a plane ticket to test it out. After the first treatment, she felt amazing! Not only did it cover her gray hair, all the goodness in the herb made her hair shinier and her scalp felt much lighter. It was magic!

Having solved her problem, she wanted to share this wonderful remedy to her relatives and friends but not everyone could travel down to Singapore for it. She then had the idea to bring it back to her hometown. Initially, the company was not keen about the idea but Ida never gave up and continued to share with the company her vision to make this available to more people.

Eventually, her sincerity touched their hearts. With the support of her family and friends, Ida left her job in the Electronics Industry. In 2011, she opened up her first shop in Lip Sin Garden and the rest is history.

Today, Midyson has 13 outlets across West and East Malaysia with the vision to provide their services in every city. We have served over 19,314 customers. With a strong team in place, Midyson is continuing its mission to help everyone have beautiful hair and a healthy scalp without the use of harmful chemicals.

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